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Thread: My First Toyota: 2018 SR Double Cab 2WD 4.6 V8 with VIBRATION ISSUE

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    Angry My First Toyota: 2018 SR Double Cab 2WD 4.6 V8 with VIBRATION ISSUE

    - This truck is a bone stock, 2018 Toyota Tundra SR 2WD Double Cab 4.6 V*, had right at 12K miles when I got it, now only has 20K miles

    -18x8" steel factory wheels and Michelin LTX M+S2 tires which were feathered, flat-spotted and cupped replaced with Helo 901 20x9 Alloys. model HE90129058918 which are hub centric, 110.50 bore, 5.71 backspace, 18MM offset. These are being bolted on with Gorilla extended thread lugnuts. Vibration was present with factory steel wheels and Michelin tires, although different and not as bad as it is now.

    -Beaman Toyota in Nashville has been the primary dealer who has been working on this issue

    -They mounted, road forced balanced 4 LT275/55/20 10 ply E rated Falken Wildpeak AT tires. Vibration was still present and in some ways worse, so being they thought it was the LT 10 ply tires, they changed them out to 4 Yokohoma P275/55/20 XL rated tires, mounted and road forced, vibration was still present.

    -The truck was taken to Titan Motoring in Nashville which is a customization shop that does a lot of work for stars, athletes, etc., in the Nashville area, well known and this is where the wheels came from. They went thru the truck, and dismounted the tires, checked the wheels and found 3 of the 4 wheels were higher in runout than what they liked so they involved Wheel Pros, the distributor for Helo and other major wheel manufacturers, and they replaced those 3 wheels. The Yokohoma's were re-mounted and road forced by Titan, when I picked up still had vibration issues

    -Beaman Toyota then placed the wheels on their road force Hunter balancer, found 2 of the 4 Yokohoma's were out of round. Have no idea why they didn't catch this the first time they mounted/road forced, or why Titan didn't pick it up on their Hunter balancer either but they put the 2 good tires on the front and the 2 out of round on the back. For the 1st time I had no shimmy in the steering wheel. Due to COVID, there was no Yoko Geolander AT GO15's available in my size, so they went with Toyo and the only thing they could get was the Open Country M/T tires. Yeah I know a Mud Terrain, but I have ran them on my GMC's, and my Dodge, primarily the Mastercraft Courser MXT's and when Pep Boys Carried the Futura MT, which both the Mastercraft and Futura are both Cooper made, and NEVER had any vibration or ride issues. From everything I read the Toyo's are the BEST MT's on the market and were known for their quiet hum, smooth ride and most people got 45-55K out of them. So on went 4 LT275/55/20 D rated 8 ply and they were Road Forced and at this point the ride was the best it's ever been but vibration still present. I had to play with the air pressure daily from 35PSI to 55PSI and found 50.5PSI gave the best ride. I only adjusted air pressure on COLD tires when outside temp was between 55-60 degrees.

    -Beaman Toyota then went thru the truck a 3rd time, checking suspension components, rack and pinion steering unit, shocks, steering components, driveline and transmission, one mechanic when he drove it stated he thought he felt the torque converter not letting go correctly between gear changes but the transmission didn't give off any codes. He dismissed that afterwards. They aligned the truck every time and the interesting thing is the right front was always a bit out which struck me as odd, and that feels like the main source of the vibration, although the dealer said everything is fine with that side of the front end. They put the truck on a frame rack and said frame is good.

    -Beaman Toyota put the truck on a lift, had the truck in drive, took video no driveline shake seen, put in reverse, no driveline shake seen, checked rack/pinion shake, checked ball joints, upper and lower control arms, tie rod ends, no movement. You feel vibration first in seat then immediately afterwards in steering wheel. Placing truck in neutral doesn't seem to change vibration.

    -Beaman Toyota turned all four rotors on the wheel hubs to get the truest finish, according to them

    -Beaman Toyota then decided to swap tires once again, and put a set of Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT, P275/55/20 which were absolutely horrible and the shaking was the worse it has ever been, they sent the truck back to Titan Motoring and they found one tire had a bad hop in it, which makes me wonder why Beaman didn't see this when mounting the tires, but they replaced that one tire, road forced it and the vibration still the worse it has ever been. They stated to me they pulled a set of factory Toyota wheels and tires from a 2021 Tundra and put them on my truck and there was virtually no vibration at all, but I didn't get to drive to verify. Additionally there has been some question as to what they really done compared to what the dealer actually said. I have reasons and just things I seen along with recorded mileage that didn't match up to the amount of troubleshooting they said they did.

    -Another interesting side note the Goodyear's used more weight to balance than ANY of the other tires, including the Toyo MT tires. So Beaman Toyota then remounted and road forced the Toyo Open Country MT's and once again, best ride but vibration still present.

    -I then decided to take Toyota out of the picture for a minute and since we have been thru tires like cupcakes, which I felt wasn't the way to go, but played the game, I involved Toyo. Will have to say Michelin/BFG has the absolute best customer service I have ever dealt with followed by Bridgestone/ Firestone, but Toyo was a definite tie with Michelin/BFG. Wonderful service and follow up. SO the customer service agent set up for me to go to Discount Tire who she stated has the absolute best balance equipment of anyone, AND their techs are highly trained in tires and only tires.

    -They did a rebalance and check of road force and found all 4 of the Toyo Open Country MT's were out of balance, all by 1.5-2.5 ounces on each tire, but here is the interesting thing...the road force

    RF - 7 road force, almost unheard of in truck tires, especially a mud tire
    RR - 15 road force, also excellent
    LF - 63 road force, and the machine stated if the tire was matched on the rim would only lower to 62
    LR - 35 road force, and the machine stated nothing would change if the tire was moved

    -Discount Tire's cut off on out of round for truck tires is anything 35 and over. Toyota dealer told me their cut off was 25 and over on road force. They called Toyo and once again due to CHICOVID, tires are in short supply and the primary tires they are making are street tread tires, mild AT tires and LT rated street and AT heavy duty tires like Firestone Transforce tires. This was Toyo and Discount both saying this is priority supply for now. So, the only tires I had a choice of were Nitto Ridge Grappler's or Nitto Terra Grappler G2's. Toyo requested me go with the Terra Grappler G2's which both the Ridge Grappler's and Terra Grappler's are P metric tires, not LT, but was told the Terra Grappler's would ride better. This also begs the question as to why the out of round wasn't detected when Beaman Toyota mounted and road forced balanced these Toyo's two different occasions!!!

    -Discount Tire unmounted the Toyo's, checked the wheels and said they spun absolutely true, mounted the Terra Grappler G2 P275/55/20's and road forced, and started with the yellow dot aligned with the valve stem (which was done every time on every set of tires listed above) and then all 4 had to be spun on the wheel when they forced matched them, then they got repeatability with both having a hub centric ring on the balancer and not. This resulted in the following

    -RF 32 road force, 1oz of lead to balance
    -RR 27 road force, 2.75oz of lead to balance
    -LF 26 road force, .5oz of lead to balance
    -LR 17 road force, 1oz of lead to balance

    Drove the truck and guess what...ride was worse than with mud tires AGAIN!!!. Notified Toyo and Discount Tire, they have ordered a set of Toyo Open Country HT2's from a warehouse in Ohio, the only place within 1500 miles of the Discount Tire that had them due to the shortages, and that is Toyo and Discount Tire's last effort.

    -The Discount Tire regional manager did state to me that Michelin tires are absolutely the best riding tire and typically the truest followed very closely by Continental and Pirelli, but typically with minor ride issues a set of Michelin's solve that. He said Toyo/Nitto, Bridgestone/Firestone, Cooper, BFG and Goodyear (hit or miss depending on model) all fall in together just below the other three. That is from his experience across managing multiple stores seeing ride issues, tire returns, etc.

    -Regional manager of Discount Tire also stated Toyota Tundra's, Tacoma's Camry's are all very precise and very sensitive to road issues, and he has seen MANY MANY times if you take the truck out of factory configuration and using factory wheels and replacing with aftermarket, vibration and ride issues come up when installing the aftermarket wheels or changing tire sizes.

    -Beaman Toyota has now refused to do anything further saying they can't keep assigning techs to look at it paying them without Toyota helping out covering their labor cost, even though the truck is under factory warranty AND said I must call Toyota and have a case opened.

    So this is where everything is at. If anyone out there has any ideas, things to check, I would love to hear them. I am at a loss and just overly frustrated now. I am married with 4 kids from the oldest in college down to my 3 year old and this has taken a ton of time away from my family and I just want it fixed. My wife and I don't get a lot of nice things for us as we make that parental sacrifice for our kids, so when I finally saved enough to upgrade my 03 Dodge to this 18 Toyota, I was hoping for a very good, reliable truck that would last me awhile, but this has been a headache and nightmare to say the least.

    Hope someone has ideas or thoughts!!

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    Default Re: My First Toyota: 2018 SR Double Cab 2WD 4.6 V8 with VIBRATION ISSUE

    Welcome to the group. Definitely start a case with Toyota and get them involved. It is hard to believe that a dealer can't locate the problem. Good luck and please keep us posted on what you find.

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    Default Re: My First Toyota: 2018 SR Double Cab 2WD 4.6 V8 with VIBRATION ISSUE

    I wanted to start with——what you should have done even tho it’s too late. if you want to have an after market wheels and tires, make it part of the purchase of the truck and thus as part of the whole deal. Consequently the dealer would be responsible to fix the vibration as part of the warranty of the truck.
    This very similar thing happened to me when I purchased brand new 2020 Tacoma SR 4x4 for my kids and I made 5 trd wheels with nitto ridge grapplers as part of the deal. It became part of the deal. So when I picked the truck up and there was vibration I took it back to dealer and said —- to stop telling me your bologna story “ Toyota is very sensitive to vibration “ and fix the truck. I also said when you drive it and if you feel any vibration don’t even call me and work it out with your tire guy.

    If I look back I remember that they had to replace the tires 5 times. So they went through 5sets of 5 every attempt =25 tires. The interesting thing was that there were tires that were out of round in the set. So they would reorder new set of 5 to get them from different production run. They finally went to 10 ply tire (with my blessing) and in that attempt all five were within spec. So now 15k miles later these tires are awesome maybe little loud and do not absorb the rough road as a P type tire but they are smooth and I been driving the truck a lot lately ( to our oldest college, 2 hours each way) and it’s very nice ride ( as Tacoma can make it). The point is—I believe the dealer should be dealing with it if you can go back to them.

    Again sorry to hear about your luck and I know how frustrating it can be when purchasing used truck. That’s why I take the new truck and make everything as part of the deal and yes I pay much more but this doesn’t happen.

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    Default Re: My First Toyota: 2018 SR Double Cab 2WD 4.6 V8 with VIBRATION ISSUE

    shipping tires zip tied together usually gets them out of round and causes issues... saw it on some tire video as I was looking to enhance my knowledge on new and un-useful information during this pandemic. I'm sure stealerships will resell these used tires under the moniker of buy 3 get 1 free, or for $1. I'd suggest taking it to another stealership as some may not be as experienced as others. By any chance does your wheel have hub centric rings? I understand you stated your wheels are hub centric, but tire shops don't put these rings on unless you ask them to, if at all necessary...
    Additionally, after further reading your issues, I may have another suggestion....
    Have you checked the carfax or history on this vehicle? What are the odds that it has been in an accident and there is damage in certain areas that are being overlooked and causing vibration, say an axle? or some other front steering component? At some point you may need to look at other options that are not tires to ensure your truck is good and you're not chasing your tail making the ownership of this vehicle more difficult than it should be...

    Can we also get a little more detail on your vibration? is it during braking? turning? driving straight? is the vibration felt on your seat, or the steering wheel?? or both? some of this insight can better guide you to where the vibration is coming from.
    Hope this helps some
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