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Thread: No speedometer, or cruse control

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    Default No speedometer, or cruse control

    Hi guys, I have a 2011 SR5, 2 months ago my 4lo/4hi lights started flashing along with traction control & ABS light, had the truck scanned and had a open circuit on the driver side rear, changed the sensor and it worked for about 3 weeks and started doing it again, 4 wheel drive would work if I shut the truck off, put it in 4hi then start it, and would have to do the same to put it back in 2 wheel drive, I was going to wait until the snow was done to work on it but Sunday this week my speedometer stopped working along with the cruse control, I took it to a local shop and had it scanned Monday this week and the were not picking up anything from the rear sensors or from the trans sensor, they THINK it the sensor in the trans and want $270 ( including labor ) to change it, but not sure that will fix it. Will the sensor in the transsmission cause the rear not to have any power to the sensors? TIA

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    Default Re: No speedometer, or cruse control

    I would have the dealer check it out

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