Here's the Toyota Tech's Zero Point Calibration procedure taken from a pdf for the following Toyota vehicles.

1998 – 2009
4Runner, Avalon,
Camry, Camry HV,
Corolla, FJ Cruiser,
Highlander, Highlander
HV, Land Cruiser,
Matrix, Prius, RAV4,
Sequoia, Sienna,
Solara, Tacoma,

Disconnect Battery & Perform Zero Point Calibration After Wheel Alignment Adjustment Service
Category: Brake
Section: Brake Control/Dynamic Control System

The purpose of this TSB is to provide information on when and how to perform the zero point
calibration on vehicles equipped with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC). Momentarily disconnecting the
battery is a necessary step for performing the zero point calibration.

Disconnect Battery & Perform Zero Point Calibration After Wheel Alignment Adjustment
Required Tools & Equipment
TIS techstream*

Software version 2.20.015 or later is required.
* Essential SST.

• Additional TIS techstream units may be ordered by calling Approved Dealer Equipment (ADE)
at 1-800-368-6787.
• The Toyota Diagnostic Tester and CAN Interface Module may also be used to perform the
service procedures listed in this bulletin.
Preliminary Information
Perform this procedure if any of these repairs have been performed on the vehicle:
• Wheel alignment has been adjusted.
• Any chassis components have been removed/installed or replaced.
Repair Procedure
1. Disconnect the cable from the negative (–) battery terminal for MORE THAN two (2) seconds.
2. Reconnect the cable to the negative (–) battery terminal.
3. Perform the applicable zero point calibration of the yaw rate sensor and/or the steering
angle sensor.
Refer to the applicable TSB or Repair Manual for the zero point calibration procedure.
4. Re-initialize all applicable systems available on the vehicle (power window, sunroof, power
lift door, etc.).