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Thank You, America!
This Memorial Day, I'd like to keep it American.

Why Adam’s Polishes, bottles, sprayers, accessories, etc, are Made in the USA... America is where we live, it’s where we breathe, eat, work, love, and detail! So why, in the name of super-cheap goods, do we send manufacturing jobs overseas? Do people really need a disposable $0.13 microfiber towel? While bottles and sprayers are available from China for less, isn’t the pride in America worth paying the extra? When products are imported from China, think about what your money goes to support, and what that money could do for another hard working American.

This Memorial Day, read the label, and look for the, “Made in USA,” tag. If that tag reads that it was made anywhere else leave that box on the shelf, and show your gratitude to the people that have made our incredible county all it is today.

Thanks for your business, and thanks for buying American this Memorial Day!