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Thread: 2014 tundra SR5

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    Default 2014 tundra SR5

    I am having issues with AC/heater control panel not working along with all power windows in-op as well as air bag light is on constantly. It happened after I loaned my son my truck. I figured he gave a boost to someone and contracted the jumper cables backwards, so I assumed the main fusible blew, so I replaced and I checked all fuses and relays but I am still having the same issues. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: 2014 tundra SR5

    Very hard to diagnose an issue like that on a forum. Do you have a multi-meter? Do you have any codes? Did your son in fact connect the cables wrong?

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    Default Re: 2014 tundra SR5

    don't think the Tundra has any of these types of fuses, but its worth a look... One of these fuses was the root cause of half my stuff not working. Additionally, you may need to check the body ECU (CAN COMMUNICATION)... in my car is a red multiplex box which handles everything body related, depicted in the 2nd link, this was also bad on my car causing half my stuff not to be active like my door locks, heater, dome light, license plate light and moon roof among other things. If you try the junkyard, much of these boxes are about $20, but I do think they retail around 300$. good luck with your troubleshooting.


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