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Thread: Center Console Options

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    Default Center Console Options

    So after lurking for a while and not really finding anything I figured I'd join the forum. Not*to long ago I swapped my 60/40 bench out for the passenger bucket seat. Obviously this left a large open space for a center console. I was wondering if anyone has installed a center console in their truck similar to the ones used in law enforcement vehicles? I am thinking*either go the used LEO console route or possibly*doing*a custom*if*I can't find anything I really like.

    If someone has done the LEO type console could you post some pictures? Thanks in advance!


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    Default Re: Center Console Options

    I would think custom is the way to go but if you can find something that fits you might as well use it.

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    Default Re: Center Console Options

    I'm actually curious myself about potential center console holding spaces myself.

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