My Tundra did a "stumble" which felt like a missed shift, check engine light came on, VSC flashing and traction symbol on steady. CAN OBDII showed code P0977 and reads "Shift Solenoid B, Control Circuit High. From other posts I believe it to be shift solenoid valve "S2" is causing the fault. If I reset the code it will come back on but at different times, meaning sometimes after driving 10 miles and sometimes shortly after the reset. I have been driving with the shift lever in S and manually shifting through the gears, which has not resulted in a fault being thrown. I'm taking the truck to a transmission shop and hope to get them to do a full oil flush of the trans fluid (I paid for a $250 flush by Toyota at ~125K miles but uncertain if they actually replaced all the trans fluid). Just wondering what other's have experienced. Maybe it makes sense to pay transmission shop to drop pan and do a resistance check of the S2 solenoid?? Anyway, just looking for what others have experienced, the level of troubleshooting, end results, useful web sites to review, etc. The truck has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Thanks in advance.