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Thread: Battery draining

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    Unhappy Battery draining

    Hi I have a 07 Toyota tundra double cab,
    its draining my battery over night. I just bought the truck so I'm a little freaked out.
    And this is what I noticed odd .
    The doors won't lock from the inside but will with the key in the door.
    my Radio still works with the key out as well as the clock stays lite.
    Got new battery for key but didn't work and a new battery for the truck
    that was dead the next day as well.is this the starter switch. Anyone that may have clue . Thanks Linda

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    Default Re: Battery draining

    Welcome to the group, Linda. To properly diagnose your problem, a technician would have to see it in person. You could try pulling fuses to see which circuit is drawing current. Then you would have to check that circuit to find out why. The dealer will check it for you for probably about 1 hours labor.

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    Default Re: Battery draining

    I had similar battery issues with mine for about a year and a half. I think it turned out that the heat was killing my batteries, but you can always double check your lights aren't left on all your switches are off and not set on auto. Also double check your bed light, I always seem to hit it getting out of the truck and it drained the battery. Also when you turn off your truck make sure you turn the key completely to the off position. Dealership as mentioned above would be a better option. Took me at least 4 trips and 2 overnight stays for them to figure out what the real issue was. It was always documented as resolved via battery swap.

    Reference the door mechanism, I had the same issue only on the passenger side, it was super annoying, so you may need to take off the door panels and spray the exposed cables on the panel and door with lube. Not WD-40, but they yellow can type. Caution with overspray as my windows had black streaks and spray marks for a month approx.
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