I have a very simple (I think!) question, but I cannot find the answer anywhere on line after several days of surfing.
I want to run a (new) tailgate camera to an in-dash head unit (Android Navigator of some sort), I know there is a camera provision in my harness that directly interfaces the camera. I know that there is a termination plug in the overhead for the addition of a monitor-in-mirror (crappy video I think), I know the connectors changed for the '09 to '10 model years, and I know that the harness has several line connectors in its run based on diagrams I have found.
What I do NOT know, is if one of those connectors is under the dash to permit using a local adapter to connect the camera to an in-dash head (4 wire or RCA, don't care), or if I need to run a head cable back down from the overhead to under the dash. Seems like a stupid proposition, but I have not found an answer either way.
I really do not want to run another full length harness under the truck just for an OEM camera/head setup if I can avoid it. It is easy to damage and a pain in the butt to do.
Any help?