I posted a thread on the tire and brake section... not sure what happened there... Well I haven't had a chance to inspect the issue at this very moment, or when I arrived to work today since I was already late. Its nerve-racking when you approach traffic and the brake pedal just gets floored. This happened to me to day, less than a mile from work. I irresponsibly drove it, using the manumatic to slow it down as best I could with the brake pedal being intermitten, sometimes it was firm others it felt like I was Fred Flinstone trying to stop this beast. I forced the issue since I'm unfamiliar with this area and would rather leave it at work a "safe place" than out in the elements where it might be stripped which I doubt but towed more than likely. What I was able to inspect is that my passenger rear wheel area is covered in brake fluid. The inner rim is drenched with what remains (snow chains mangled these) of the inner liner is splattered. August has been a very long month for me, and it looks like September will also follow suit. Any help or ideas that can help at this time can be useful, since I'm not sure what failed. I'll be off by 11 tonight where I might try and figure out what went wrong. Thanks in advance.