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Thread: Engine Mystery...

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    Default Engine Mystery...

    Hello all,
    I have been trying to work through a problem with my 2000 SR5 4.7. this engine has 260k miles, and until fairly recently ran great. This is a 2UZ-FE Non VVTi

    The Issue: According to code reader, misfire 1,3,5,7, and rich on that bank. Run rough at idle and really rough around the 1900-2400rpm range, can smell raw fuel from exhaust when giving it some throttle.

    Whats been done so far: 1 new coil pack on cylinder 7. Reman injectors, injector plugs have been noid tested, and all injectors read proper resistance. new plugs gapped correctly. New timing belt and pulleys, triple checked timing marks on crank and cams, it is spot on. I have checked all valve clearances, and they all fall within the middle of their given spec range. It has all new O2 sensors (4 of them). New MAF sensor. New water pump. New starter. All fuses have been checked. Battery ground is also solid.

    I am at a loss for what is happening with my engine. With no other codes for any issues, I'm not sure what to do.
    I took it to the local toyota dealership for a diagnostic. They claimed the tech whom worked on my truck was certified higher than a master tech.?
    I was told i had half compression on cylinder 5 (90psi) and most likely had a burn valve and they recommended replacing my engine with a used unit, due to the cost of a valve or head job.....
    I was a loss, when i took it home and found full compression on all cylinders (165-180psi) as well as perfect valve clearances and valves. When confronted the dealership said that they had never seen a tundra with my kind of milage and that my engines parts were close to the end of their life, as well as stating that the low compression they found was most likely due to the cylinder being washed down with fuel. (which if you were some fantastically highly certified tech, you would have been able to discern from all the fuel in the cylinders on that bank!)

    So pretty much, no one can figure out what is going on, and the "professionals" made ME feel smart.

    Do I have a bad ECU or PCM? Have I possibly sheared the pin on the cam gear? (read about this in another forum post)
    I have a job and trip this coming weekend, and hoping to perform a miracle of getting the beast running again!!!
    I would gladly reward whom ever can help me figure this out, with a case of your favorite adult beverage! (if thats allowed here)

    Thank You

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    Default Re: Engine Mystery...

    Howdy mate! How's your engine? Would be good reference if you share the fixes.

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    Default Re: Engine Mystery...

    Any update on the issues? I'm no expert, but I would double check all your wires or coil packs and make sure they are not dead, for example, swap all of them to the other side of the engine and see if new codes come up. If they don't, ensure all of your coils are plugged in all the way and are tighten down all the way. I would also suggest double checking that everything else is correctly plugged in. You stated the dealership did some work on your engine and they may have missed something. The only time I got a code similar to that was after I let my brother help me change my spark plugs on one side of the engine so that I could leave early, and I ended up having a few misfires, because 2 of the packs were not completely pushed in all the way. If its not any of this, maybe someone else will peak in here and try to help you further.
    good luck
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