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Thread: Parasitic Draw questions?

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    eek Parasitic Draw questions?

    Hi Professor,
    2016 CrewMax 1794
    New to the forum, please forgive the long drawn out post/question, but I've been fighting this problem for about a year now. Probably the best way to describe it is a list of events of Battery drain:
    12 months ago- Had 3 amp audio system in for about a year with no problem. Switched an amp & set of speakers, then started getting a .11 amp draw. (3 days & battery dead). Disconnected system and still the draw. Took it to local Auto electric, 400$ later diagnosed as bad BCM. Took it to dealer and had it replaced.
    10 months ago- Paranoid because of the costs, I waited a couple months, but since the auto electric place contended that it couldn't be from stereo, I went ahead and reconnected....
    Seemingly the same problem back. .11 amp draw.
    4 months ago-Truck sat for a while having no solution in mind. Then finally I had some free time and I removed the whole system (3 amps, sound processor, sub etc....) and took it back to the dealer. They found nothing, and I drove it and parked it for a while and sure enough.. no problem.
    Last month-After talking with a car audio expert(him stating that I should use a PAC module to get the signal rather than splicing into the stock amp) I gathered the confidence to re-install the system. I actually drove it and parked it for a while and it seemed OK. But then finally after a road trip with the truck and parking it for 4 days, it finally died again. I'm currently experimenting with pulling the short fuse when parked.(pain in the but) just to see if its the BCM again.

    I'm very ready to just try and isolate the draw and put a switch on it if thats feasible, but would much rather get to the bottom of it.

    Anyone have a similar problem?

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    Default Re: Parasitic Draw questions?

    I would for sure install a main switch somewhere on the lower part of the dash.

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