I have a question for you guys I have this tranny that wonít leave me alone how do I fix it? Hahaha. Iím kinda stumped thinking I have a shift solenoid that is messing up started acting up when I was driving 2 hours in the mountains two days ago started not wanting to down shift correctly and when I came to a stop it was like it was stuck in 3-4 gear it wasnít slipping just would take off in that gear so it struggled getting up to speed even going into Manuel shift wouldnít down shift needless to say when itís cold in the morning it shifts fine until it gets up to temp then it wouldnít down shift when coming to a stop. Fluid is full but kinda old my truck has 183000 miles on it and I changed the fluid around 130-140 5drain and refills so it cycled thru the whole trans. If you have any insights I would really appreciate it thanks in advance No check codes either plus it goes into reverse when itís hot and has full power too I canít find anything online about something lol this.