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Thread: Multiple codes, too many to narrow it down

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    Default Multiple codes, too many to narrow it down



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    Multiple Codes, too many to narrow it down

    2010*Tundra*Double Cab 5.7 Flex Fuel. 122,000 miles.
    The typical*Toyota tick got a little more pronounced so I threw the code reader on it. I got so many codes that I just can't narrow it down.
    Anyone seen anything like the list below. I'm hoping there is one root cause that is contributing to the other codes.
    P0300 Random misfire detected
    P0011 Intake camshaft position timing - over-advanced (bank 1)
    P0012 Intake camshaft position timing -*over-retarded (bank 1)
    P0014 Exhaust camshaft*position timing - over-advanced (bank 1)
    P0015 Exhaust camshaft position timing - over-retarded (bank 1)
    P0021 Intake camshaft position timing - over-advanced (bank 2)
    P0022 Intake camshaft position timing - over-retardeded (bank 2)
    P0024 Exhaust camshaft position timing -*over-advanced (bank 2)
    P0025 Exhaust camshaft position timing - over-retardeded (bank 2)
    P0101 Mass or volume air flow circuit range/performance
    P0102 Mass or volume air flow circuit low input
    P0103 Mass or volume air flow circuit high input
    P0116 Engine coolant temperature circuitrange/performance
    P011B Engine coolant temperature/intake airtemperature correlatuion
    P0125 Insufficient coolant temp for closed loop fuel control
    P0128 Coolant thermostat (coolant temp below thermostat regulating temperature)
    Since this began, I done the following:
    Replaced engine oil and filter early to check for debris. All looked clean.
    Replaced spark plugs so I could inspect old spark plugs for fouling/burnt. Spark plugs looked ok.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

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    Default Re: Multiple codes, too many to narrow it down

    Have you replaced the O2 sensors?? Any frayed wires?? I've had an issue with my car very similar to insufficient coolant temp for close loop and it started after I changed out my O2 sensors, they were probably defective and because I wasn't too bright I cut them, spliced them and solder them back together. Now I cruise at a certain speed and I get the CEL light every so often.

    IMO I think the ecu is trying to over compensate via your camshaft retarding and advancing timing as to trying to figure out how to maintain an efficient fuel burn. I may be wrong, but triggering so many components I may consider looking them up. O2 sensors usually last about 100k, I've heard they can be repaired under a warranty if they fail prior to that, but I"m not sure about all that. Not sure you can test the sensors, but it may be worth a try changing the ones before the cat. For example my truck just gave me a Crankshaft position sensor, and my starter had actually died.
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