2000 TOYOTA Tundra Ltd
Owner jbtoy

Vehicle 2000 TOYOTA Tundra Ltd
Engine Type 4.7V8
Vehicle Class Pickup truck
Updated 04-25-2014 07:50 AM
Mileage 24,000 Miles
Purchase Date 04-28-2000
Total Modifications 0
Total Spent
Total Views 2295

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My mod list by segment:

V8 4.7L
TRD Supercharger (Powdercoat in Gloss Silver)
TRD piggyback ECU
TRD longtube headers
Custom SS Y pipe, Bullet muffler, single in/dual out with 18" Bullet stainless tips
Complete SVH changeover for all vacuum hoses
Custom match RED silicone heater and radiator hoses
PPD TB and Fuse covers
Stainless Hardware across the engine bay
TRD oil / radiator caps
Red Optima Battery
Custom paint on covers and brackets
Valve covers done in RED powdercoat
Airbox and tube finished in Red Pearl
TRD Eaton LSD (400 ft lbs tension)
Gloss Black frame and body detail
Hella Supertone Horns

Complete Ivan Stewart Leather
TRD Black mats
TRD Seatbelt Pads
Gentex Comp/Temp mirror
2003 Toyota Full console
Webastos/Stratos Electric sunroof
15% window tint all around
TRD Boost gage colorkeyed
Backseat mod (1" spacers)

TRD Red/Blue Bilsteins
TRD coils (Red powdercoat)
2" Front level kit (Red powdercoat spacers)
Front/Rear sway bars (Red Powdercoat)
Red poly bushings (energy suspension) for front and rear
Frozen Rotors, slotted, cyro treated, plated, with ceramic pads
Stainless brakelines front and rear (red)

Color in Red Pearl (only available for 2 years as OEM color)
TRD Ivan Stewart Full body kit, fenders, grill
TRD Ivan Stewart wheels with Toyo AT (265x75x16)
ARE LSII Bed cover
Bedrug, divider, fire ex, Toyota Road kit, under rail LED cargo lights
Full color matched mirror frames with Muth signal mirrors
9" black powdercoat antenna
WeatherTech in channel visors
Ground Effects step bars
Complete debadge
Boyo VTL backup camera
Colorkeyed tailgate handle
Clear corners upfront (turn)
Clear-Red-Clear tails painted in OEM match on borders
PIAA lighting for top headlights and bottom fogs
TRD gas cap
2 color skid plate in powdercoat Red (engine side) and black (outside)
Sigplate "jbtoy"

Alpine IVA205 DVD/CD HU
JL XR650CSi components in all 4 doors
JL W3V3 8" subs installed in Qlogic box
Fosgate amps as P400-4 and P400-2
Fosgate 1.0 Farad Cap
Monster cable for all wiring
Dynamat Extreme Soundproofing
Bluetooth Mic Handsoff
GPS Navigation Blackbird
Viper 5901 Alarm with remote start/sensor breakage

Planned for Next mods:

IPT tranny upgrade
VLEDS full conversion